Xiomara A. Sosa is the Owner and Founder of XAS Consulting, LLC DBA XiomaraASosa.com: Counseling and Psychotherapy, a boutique private practice and lifestyle brand promoting healing and well-being through mental health and psychological health: behavioral, emotional, mental and social. Xiomara is an accomplished Clinical Mental Health Counselor and Therapist who provides flexible, consumer-oriented counseling and psychotherapy services.

As a multicultural counselor, she is a culturally competent practitioner with many years of experience working with the Hispanic/Latino, military veteran and sexual/gender minority (LGBTQQIA+) communities delivering culturally appropriate services. She works with mixed ages and genders, is bilingual (Spanish), and provides services in private consultation, by telephone or electronically.

Xiomara’s clinical focus is on Anxiety Disorders, Depressive Disorders and Trauma and Stressor-Related Disorders. Her theoretical orientation is integrative which means she draws on and blends specific types of therapies. This approach is not linked to one particular type of therapy as those practicing integrative counseling do not believe that only one approach works for each client in all situations. As an integrative counselor, she works with couples, families, groups, individuals, and youth.  She practices a progressive, innovative path to integrative psychological healthcare and evidence-based theoretical orientations.

Ms. Sosa is a social change advocate, social entrepreneur, and social scientist. As an award-winning nonprofit executive and military veteran, she leverages an interpersonal approach using virtual models that target the balanced and complete view of human functioning. Xiomara’s passion is in social change advocacy and her goal is to promote social policy that protects the healing and well-being of all people through public policy and action, and community outreach initiatives.  Xiomara’s key advocacy issue is combating negative stigma about mental health with evidence-based empirical research data. Xiomara is an altruistic humanitarian passionate about global culture and committed to social welfare.

Full bio at http://www.xiomaraasosa.com/about/

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