Xiomara A. Sosa is the Owner and Founder of XAS Consulting, LLC (XAS), DBA XiomaraASosa.com, a boutique private practice and lifestyle brand promoting healing and well-being through professional servicesX-signature offerings, and social change advocacy. As CEO and Creator of XiomaraASosa.com, she is an accomplished Clinical Mental Health Counselor (CMHC), Healing and Well-being Consultant and Positive Psychology Coach who provides flexible, consumer-oriented coaching,  consulting and counseling services.

Ms. Sosa is a social change advocate, social entrepreneur, and social scientist. As an award-winning nonprofit executive and military veteran, she leverages an interpersonal approach using virtual models that target children, communities, families, veterans, and women. She is a culturally competent practitioner with many years of experience working with the Hispanic/Latino, military veteran, sexual/gender minority (LGBTQQIA+), and women communities delivering culturally competent services. Xiomara is building a global community as she continues to emerge through inspirational approaches that broaden her understanding of well-being within a global context.

Read full bio at http://www.xiomaraasosa.com/about/

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