The X-Healing and Well-Being Lounge™: Holistic Lifestyle

The Healing and Well-being Lounge™ is located within The Serenity Center of Summerville and is where we promote holistic health services to our community members. Healing is the process of making or becoming sound or healthy again. Well-being refers to a more holistic whole-of-life experience: are you content, balanced, and positive? Do you find your life to be fulfilling and satisfying? Well-being is associated with happiness and includes the presence of positive emotions and moods (e.g., contentment, happiness), the absence of negative emotions (e.g., depression, anxiety), satisfaction with life, fulfillment and positive functioning. Well-being can be described as judging life positively and feeling good.

The five essential elements of well-being are:

Career wellbeing — the most important one — whether you like what you do each day (which is not necessarily work).

Social wellbeing — relationships and love.

Financial wellbeing — managing finances in order to reduce stress and increase security.

Physical wellbeing — levels of health and energy.

Community wellbeing — involvement in community activities.

A holistic lifestyle means that all parts of the self are taken care of. Living a holistic lifestyle can be accomplished by making a few simple changes to your current lifestyle and eating habits. Another fun aspect to living holistically is to incorporate an exercise regime into your daily life. Living a holistic lifestyle would not be complete without adequate stress management. Each person’s stress management relief technique is as unique as they are. The last aspect to living a holistic lifestyle is to keep your soul as happy and healthy as can be. This sounds quirky, but it isn’t. Living a holistic lifestyle means that you are committed to living a meaningful life to the best of your abilities. Living your life to make sure that your body, mind, and soul are happy and healthy.

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