Hip Hop Yoga – 7:30 – 8:15 pm weekly with Kennea   – $10 per class or buy a package Think Yoga is only for slow meditative music and poses?  Think again!  Come join Kennea for some hip hopping fun.  For all ages and levels of experience.

Dreams & Abraham Hicks Manifesting Meetup – 3rd week 7:00-8:30  with Chris- $5 donation  Calling all reality creators.  Let’s release our oars and flow downstream together.  We will be meeting monthly.  What magnificent manifestations have you attracted into your reality this month?   These Meetups will be an opportunity to share your exciting reality creation tales with like-minded deliberate creators.  This is a sharing and discussion group for students of the Abraham material (channeled by Esther Hicks)  and similar “law of attraction” teachings (such as the Seth books, channeled by Jane Roberts). If you are not yet familiar with the Abraham-Hicks material, you may want to watch some Abraham-Hicks clips on Youtube to get a feel for the vibe of the Abraham teachings.   For those interested in exploring the concept messages within, and of lucid dreaming (being aware that you are dreaming while you are dreaming) and exploring the messages within. No prior lucid dream experience is required. The meetings are intended to present an opportunity for the informal sharing of dream experiences among those interested in developing or enhancing their ability to experience lucidity in the dream state. The meetings are also intended to provide lucid dreamers (and aspiring lucid dreamers) with a venue for mutual support, encouragement, and advice. Many lucid dreamers see lucid dreaming as part of their spiritual path. However, this group is not affiliated with any particular spiritual perspective and is open to participants regardless of whether or not they associate lucid dreaming with spirituality.


World of Essential Oils – last week of month – 6:00-7:30 pm with Katie – $10


WiseMen Meetup –  To build, create, empower a community among wisemen on their spiritual paths where they can freely seek and find resources and knowledge to support them on their unique journey.


Teen Yoga – weekly – 6 – 7 pm with Chelsea – $10                                                       Teens face such pressure and stress.  This is great opportunity to relax their mind, body and connect in to spirit with a yoga class for them.

WiseWomen Circle Meetup – 1st & 3rd weeks  7 – 8:30 pm with Carmen & Guests Donations                                                                                                                                 A place for the wise women of Charleston to meet and share. What is a wise women? A women who wants to stay empowered, learn, change, grow and believes in her own innate wisdom. Does this sound like you? Then please join us!

Meetings will include, yet are not limited to…spirituality, metaphysics, herbalism, natural health, energy medicine, shamanism and connecting to all that there is. Join us and share your gifts!


Hatha Yoga – weekly – 6:00-7:15 –  with Beth –  $10                                                             A generalized category including most yoga practices.  Overall, practices will include asanas (poses), pranayama-yoga breathing exercises and relaxation, helping to bring peace to the mind while soothing our nervous system. Incorporating a graceful flow opening of the heart through vinyasas and breath through a series of Sun Salutation and other asanas. Honoring our bodies throughout each pose because yoga does not share the philosophy that there needs to be pain, to equal gain for flexibility and strength in the body. Instead, we appreciate our bodies through attitude, alignment, and action of each pose. Culminating to Shavasana for relaxation, reflection and meditation toward a self-transformation of peace within.

Belly Dance – weekly – 7-8 pm with Donna  – $10


Spiritual ConversationsFirst Friday – 6 – 7 pm with Sunita   – Donations                       Sharing from a variety of view points and experiences, discussions about connections to source, to self and perspectives on world.

OM Circle– Last Friday – 6:00 – 7:00pm With Sherry – Free

Drum CircleLast Friday – 7:00 – 9:00 pm    Open to all – Donations for Center             Come bring something to shake, rattle or beat on.  Dance, chant or feel the rhythms of the organic drum circle.  Community centered.



Max Meditation – weekly – 9-10am with Carmen -$10                                                            5 styles of meditation in one guided meditation.  Leave feeling relaxed and at peace.

African Dance – weekly – 12:00-1:00 – with Queen – $10 (donations for drummers)        Queen Atterberry, Artistic Director of WoSe of Charleston leads dancers and drummers through the rhythms and movements of the Motherland.

Drummers are always welcome. This piece has drummers from the community, WoSe of Charleston, Adande African Dance & Drum and Charleston Community Drum Circle.

Flow Movement – weekly – 3:00-5:00 – with Josh – $5                                                     This is an activity that everyone can enjoy.  Learn new ways to move your body in an effort to build balance, dexterity and reflexes.  We do this by using flow props such as hulahoops, poi, staves, and other crazy things!  Whether you are new to flow or a seasoned veteran, this is a great place to have fun and meet new people.