I have a BA in Communications and a long list of random professional accomplishments in television, movies, radio, newspaper, and digital advertising, but my passion is spirituality.  I’ve been studying it in its many forms for over a decade.  So, I’m here to help whoever wants or needs it:  

Pep Talks  This is a One-on-One in which you’ll receive new spiritual perspective regarding whatever situation has presented itself in your life.  It’s also good for just a quick pick-me-up.  Feel free to email me at chelsealizzy@yahoo.com to set up a time to chat.

Psychic Skill Practice  Psychic abilities are within everyone.  No one has access to everything, but everyone has access to something. Like any other skill in the world, it can be dramatically improved with practice.  All you need is an open mind.  Email chelsealizzy@yahoo.com to reserve your spot for the upcoming workshop.

The Power of Now, Abraham Hicks, and/or A Course in Miracles  It could be said that understanding The Power of Now is like completing Spirituality 101, applying Abraham Hicks’ teachings give you a Spiritual Masters Degree, and completing A Course in Miracles gives you your Spiritual P.H.d.  To further develop your understanding and application of these Spiritual principles, email chelsealizzy@yahoo.com to reserve your spot in the upcoming workshop.

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