Amy Voss Dolce has been involved in floral design for over 10 years.  She is influenced by the subtle energies, astounding variety and textures of gardenscapes and uses elements of local natural beauty in her designs.



Michelle Bryant is a photographer and visionary owner of Focus on Fabulous Magazine.  As beauty catches her eye, she snaps the picture.  Where ever her travels take her, she has her camera within arms reach.


tina Clark

Tina Clark

I create art because my soul pulls me to. I remember my grade school teachers encouraging me to draw and paint.  As I grew older, I followed the advice of my parents to get an education and “get a good job.”  I ended up majoring in political science in college and getting a Masters Degree in Public Administration.  I worked as Policy Analyst up until 2005 when I realized this work was not for me.  I took a break and concentrated on having a family.  Now I have two beautiful daughters.
I never stopped taking art classes.  I took photography, painting, pastels and mixed media.  A few years ago I started teaching art to grade school children, first through a local company and then on my own during my daughter’s after school program. Also around this time, I fell in love with mixed media and, as the saying goes. I have been on a roll ever since.