I embarked on my yoga journey a few years ago when faced with a challenging transition in my personal life. I tried a few yoga studios in my neighborhood but could not find a connection until the time I met with my yoga teacher Gina Lee from Bearfoot Yoga and Wellness Center in Bayshore NY. She had formulated a practice that incorporated 10 minutes of intention setting wherein she would speak on a ‘topic’ connected with yogic philosophy. That was a “hook” for me. I always felt she was speaking about my feelings/ thoughts and then would gently offer the practice as a solution. I was HOOKED. I started practicing yoga daily and as I walked the path I started researching and developing my personal practice of pranayama/ meditation/ yoga. This daily ritual started showing magical results in my mind/ body which enabled me to handle my life challenges with grace and strength. And today 3 months into moving from NY to Charleston I have been offering the healing science of yoga to my neighbors and friends.

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