J and Sunita Hira.

The Serenity Center of Summerville is a nonprofit community center that was created with the dream of helping others and bringing together members of our community, to share, to inspire and to bring love and light to one another. J and Sunita Hira are Americans of Indian and African ethnicity. Sunita was born and brought up in Nairobi, Kenya where she started her career as a high school history teacher. J spent his early years in India and moved to California around 42 years ago establishing himself as a businessman. Semi-retired, they moved to South Carolina in 2005. They are active volunteers, offering their time to help others in the Tri-County communities through a variety of ways. Together, J and Sunita have a passion for fighting world hunger. They also have a shared passion to inspire, uplift and connect people through love and light.  The Serenity Center of Summerville is their vision to create a venue in the community where people with common interests could gather. J and Sunita genuinely and warmly welcome all visitors to the Center! 

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