We believe service is the highest spiritual discipline.The joy one gets while promoting another’s joy is incomparable.  It is our honor to be in service to our community providing space to share ideas, talents and beliefs in a welcoming environment. 

Director –cropped Carmen Young  is a gifted intuitive, energy & crystal healer, teacher and speaker.  She is a writer for an international online magazine, WakeZine.com and has authored a series of  articles in Focus on Fabulous Magazine.  Previously, she hosted an internet radio talk show and produced a music talent showcase (2012) in St. Louis, MO, thereby helping local musicians realize their dreams of playing on the big stage and giving them an opportunity to be showcased before producers.

To enhance her knowledge and skills, she studies spiritual modalities at The Modern Mystery School of varied spiritual teachings (wisdom and methods passed down from King Solomon).  She shares this knowledge as a co-organizer of The Wise Women Circle of Charleston meetup group of 937 women. Has recently started the Wise Men of Charleston, (seekers of knowledge of spiritual content with no restrictions to belief structure.)

As CEO of Sparkling Beauties, (custom crystal jewelry/products designed to connect crystals into everyday life) she does crystal energy healing work. As a lover of art in all it’s varieties and forms, she is passionate about creating the space/platform for local artists to be appreciated.

Her dreams brought her to the Charleston area and she has fallen in love with the people, the history and beauty of the land. She often finds herself on the beach or in the greenery of large oaks, refreshed and inspired by the blowing of the moss and rustling of the marsh grasses. There may be a little fairy granddaughter, (one of her many teachers) flitting around keeping her young and energized. Recently married and finding great joy in a partnership of understanding, support and love. Having gratitude for the moments of pain that brought such beauty, freedom and strength to her life now with a man called Ed Young.

If you would like support in taking your life to the next level, or talk crystals, you can reach her at 314-276-7772 or leave a message for her at serenitycentersc@gmail.com.



Meet J & Sunita Hira.

J and Sunita Hira are Americans of Indian ethnicity. Sunita was born and brought up in Nairobi, Kenya where she started her career as a high school history teacher. J spent his early years in India, and moved to California around 42 years ago establishing himself as a businessman.

Semi-retired, they moved to Charleston in 2005. Thereafter, they volunteered much of their time and also dabbled with a few business projects, acquiring the property in Summerville they had envisioned creating a much needed venue for spirituality, yoga and other such meetup groups, thus came about the vision of the Serenity Center.

A Passionate Spirituality educator, and an author, Sunita believes that the whole physical universe is a mayic dream, an idea of the divine Spirit. She volunteers in yogic organizations in Charleston where she shares the gift of Yogic knowledge.

Together, J and Sunita are ardent champions for the cause of fighting world hunger, they sincerely wish to bring about a benevolent change in the community, together with Carmen and the team of Serenity Center we are always in service to humanity.