Welcome to the Serenity Center

The Serenity Center offers affordable classes and workshops where you will learn from and meet genuine, community-minded people. Classes include Reiki, yoga, meditation, personal training and small group fitness, all led by caring, experienced and knowledgeable facilitators.

The Serenity Center also hosts a variety of professional health and wellness services such as chiropractic care, therapeutic massage and hair styling studios. You will also find an online gaming store, an artisan pizza parlor, an indoor baseball coaching facility and more!

The Serenity Center is tucked away, only 5 minute’s drive from the historic downtown Summerville and welcomes you within it’s peaceful and beautiful surroundings that include free-flowing spaces, artwork, crafts and living plants, all custom-created by local artisans and kindred spirits.

Please join us, be a part of our vision, share and take part in the gifts, talents and positive energy flowing here. The Serenity Center is for all peoples: for all who are interested in coming together as a community to learn, to share and to grow.


 – Peace Within –